NIDO means “nest” and stands for “Nurturing Ideas, Developing Opportunities”.

NIDO is the innovation lab of the federal government. The lab is a self-organizing small team of people and functions as a start-up. Its goal is to unlock the innovation potential within government and to provide a safe environment for public servants to experiment and learn how to innovate.

Our mission …

We believe that government challenges of today and tomorrow can be addressed by developing new and innovative ideas from inside and outside government.

Our mission is to enable and promote an innovation culture within the public sector and to offer a safe nest for experimentation and incubation of human centric & digital driven ideas.

We will achieve this mission by:

  1. Setting up a lean process that enables nurturing innovative ideas and developing opportunities
  2. Providing government agencies with tools & services to unlock their innovation potential and to grow an innovation culture
  3. Establish an innovation ecosystem and create a collaborative learning centre of expertise with partners inside and outside government

Introduction to Nido

Nido: Mission/Vision/Strategy

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