What? Launch Innovation network for Belgian Government

Who? Nido and Ministry of Home Affairs (Eva Burm – Innovation manager)

Client?  Government

Why? Most of government organization are willing to innovate and are wondering to know how other gov organizations are dealing with this challenge. They also want to learn more about innovation, innovative procurement and innovation culture. The call for exchanging experiences was initiated by Eva Burm (Innovation manager Home Affairs).

How? By gathering civil servants with a role in innovation from all over the government every 2 months. By installing an online network page on Linked In.

When? Starting Q2 2019

Outcome? 3 meetings were hosted since the initiative of starting this network: Department of Social Security (RSZ), The national geographic institute (NGI) and Federal Government Service Mobility. Nido is supporting this network and wants to share/promote also international exchanges since Nido is the NPC of OPSI (OECD) since October 2019.