What? Nido Launches Gov buys Innovation https://govbuysinnovation.belgium.be/

Who? Nido (Especially thanks to Bram Lauwers)

Client?  Government

Why? Buying new services and products is just an obvious way to insource innovation, no? We want to attract innovative companies by doing business with them in a new way. We want to promote experimentation and testing with new products and services within the government.

How? By launching a marketplace/platform and a new way of experiencing procurement. Key is that companies will only find the problem statement (not a concrete desired solution) in the challenge and tender. They can come up with their own solution and test it for a fixed budget (not more than 30.000 euros).

When? Q2 2019

Outcome? Our platform GBI came online and got the interest of startup communities. It is a pilot and Nido wants to test this new way of procurement with at least 5 challenges.