What? Facilitating and inspiring the network of HR directors of Federal Government

Who? Nido and DG Recruitment & Development (Federal Government Service Strategy and support aka BOSA)

Client?  the network of HR directors of Federal Government

Why? The HR directors have their annual seminar to discuss the most important strategic topics. was on the agenda: the screening model (the approach of recruiting and selecting new civil servants), employer branding and strategic personal planning


Nido designed the program for HR directors to facilitate knowledge sharing, open mindset, feedback and exchanges.

The innovation lab prepared an exercise for the audience to make new screening approaches based on different job profiles and different personas. Nido wanted to change the perspective of making a new recruitment and selection approach to the candidate experience. That’s why it introduced personas of possible people interested in working for the government.

Inspiring discussions with HR and employer experts were given.  

When? Q4 2019

Outcome? The seminar is the start of a trajectory to make these new recruitment and selection approaches. The candidate experience and perspective determine the position in the war for talent. HR directors agree on an employer branding for the government taking the perspective again from possible candidates.