What? OPSI (OECD) identifies 6 skills improving innovation in the public sector (user-centricity, curiosity, iteration, data-literacy, storytelling and insurgency). How can we put these skills of the future into action in our federal administration?

Who? Nido (featuring trainee Ellen Bagdasarian from Ugent)

Client? FPS Policy & Support (BOSA) – DG Recruitment & Development 

Why? If we want to promote an innovation mindset in the administration, we have to stimulate these skills by every civil servant.

How? We launched a playful campaign “When did you for the last time …” to draw attention to these skills. Interested employees could register for a workshop in which they got to know and experience the skills of the future. Finally, the participants made an action plan 666 (short, medium and long-term actions). Nido also ensures the follow-up of these action plans.

When? Q1 2019

Outcome? A workshop canvas to apply the skills of the future in a playful way, which can further be used in other organizations. Each participant got to know the skills of the future and made an individual action plan.

Sponsor? Sandra Schillemans, head of DG Recruitment & Development, FPS Policy & Support, and Alfons Boon, President of FPS Policy & Support