What? How do we start a successful innovation process? How do you set up a challenge?

Who? Nido (featuring trainee Ellen Bagdasarian from Ugent)

Client? Federal Government 

Why? Nido believes in the challenge-oriented innovation approach. Properly describing the challenge you face and also formulating this challenge in an attractive way seems to be a must for the success of the complete innovation process.

How? We did research and investigated good practices of challenges and came relatively quickly to an approach that turned out to be very thought out: the problem statement. This is an approach that we have borrowed from scientific research. But a problem definition does not immediately attract problem solvers. That is why a marketing layer must also be added to the challenge. Finally, we noticed how important it is to provide additional information, such as “What you have already tried to solve the challenge”, to help problem solvers look for solutions in the right direction.

When? Q3 and Q4 2018 + Q1 2019, tested at DG Recruitment & Development, FPS Policy & Support, and FPS Home Affairs

Outcome? A first practical tool from Nido “How to make a challenge”, usable for anyone who wants to do challenge-oriented innovation or who dares to question existing projects. This tool can be easily downloaded here.

Sponsor? Sandra Schillemans, head of DG Recruitment & Development, FPS Policy & Support