What? Helping to determine the HR challenges of the future in an innovative way

Who? Nido & DG Recruitment and Development

Client? The HR managers network at the federal government

Why? In the past the HR managers made lots of efforts defining the most important axes of change for the future HR policy. The HR managers network wanted to welcome a new approach to make innovation even more relevant and concrete.

How? Beforehand Nido did 2 workshops with 4 pre-determined workgroups (War for talent, Flexibility of HR processes, Leadership and impact of digitalization) of HR experts. After inspiring the HR managers with innovations seen elsewhere, the most pertinent challenges according to the HR experts were revealed. HR managers were asked to choose between those challenges in a playful way.

When? Q4 2018

Outcome? Broader and more open discussions about the future challenges of HR. In some domains it was becoming really clear where HR had to start to innovate. The discussions served as input for the strategic note.

Sponsor? Sandra Schillemans, head of DG Recruitment and Development, FPS Policy and Support