What? Crafting a new approach in cocreation to make new recruits ready to become a qualified 112 calltaker  

Who? Nido with partner Namahn

Client? FPS Home Affairs - 112  

Why? 112 is looking for a way to innovate the organization and thus the service they provide. The starting point is changing the training program for new recruits.

How? By using different service design tools such as contextual journey, in depth interviews, persona's, value proposition canvas, factors and themes ideation excercices, storytelling, storyboarding

When? Q1 - Q3 2018

Outcome? A clear human centered approach to get the best qualified new recruits. 112 will function as a tribe and this new approach is supported by every member of the tribe

Cost? € 10.000,00 (consultancy Namahn) 

Sponsor? Erwin Hertens, Director of  112