What? VR inspiration, brainstorm and pitch session: starting from technology to innovate. How can VR make our products and services better for our customers? 

Who? Nido and Ward Peeters from Erasmus Highschool

Client? FPS Policy and Support, DG Recruitment and Development  

Why? Lead by example. If the FPS Policy and Support wants to help other organizations to become more innovative, they should innovate within their own organization and be open towards new technologies. Experimenting and finding ways to adopt these novelties in an intelligent way is an important first step.

How? 15 experts were submerged in an inspirational session about VR: what is it and what are known use cases? They were able to experience how it feels. After this session, we used several brainstorm techniques to ideate. Finally one good idea was elaborated and pitched per group.

When? June 25th 2018

Outcome? 4 pitches on how VR could be used in our daily business but it also created awareness of the risk of putting technology first: trying to find problems that could be solved by the technology led to VR-solutions that were not the best option to solve a certain need (if there even was a need in the first place). Openness towards different solutions/technologies is important.

There is a need for experimenting with new technologies on a basic, dummy level. This can eliminate the fear and misunderstanding of rising (and disruptive) technologies. Sessions like these that try to demistify new technologies help to create an openness towards new possibilities.

Cost? € 0,00