What? An innovative academic programme on disruption: Take the Lead - Digital Disruption Sprint, organized by Vlerick and De Tijd - L'Echo.  

Who? Nido   

Why? Digital technologies are remaking the business world. New entrants assume the lead and disrupt markets by radically changing customer behaviour, adding digital capabilities to products and services, introducing new business models, and redefining ecosystems. Within most companies there is a shortage of high potentials that are ready to handle this digital disruption. When there was a call for candidates, Nido didn't hesitate to take part and was chosen as one of the 200 participants.

How? By following a highly interactive blended learning experience. In-between 2 live events, there were 12 weeks of online learning sessions with case studies, video testimonials of digital pioneers, virtual company visits, interactive webinars, action oriented assignments and forum discussions.

When? February - May 2018

Outcome? A lot of information about how to craft a digital strategy that drives organisational performance and how to transform organisations by putting digital capabilities in place that are centered around customer experience, collaboration and ecosystems. It was also an opportunity for Nido to expand its network.

Cost? € 0,00