What? How can we see some future skills in action in a contemporary context and would it be possible to observe and evaluate them? 

Who? Nido  

Client? OPSI, OECD

Why? Representatives of different countries are elaborating on future skills. We wanted them to not only know these skills, but to feel them, experience them.

How? About 20 delegates from different countries of the OPSI network were put in escape rooms in Brussels. Nido used storytelling, the participants used skills such as iteration, curiosity and insurgency.  

When? May 4th, 2018 

Outcome? A successful experiment for Nido. We saw the future skills at work and we are sure that the context of escape rooms should be used in assessment contexts.  

Cost? € 180,00 

Sponsor? Philippe Vermeulen, Contact OPSI-network for Belgium