What? Government buys innovation 

Who? Nido and partners: UHasselt, Namahn, Vlerick, Becode, Startups.be 

Why? Buying innovation is one way of becoming a more innovative government + Getting insight in the obstacles of innovative companies to do business with Government 

How? By visiting startup fairs, question start-ups why they are (not) doing business with governments at the moment, organizing customer journey workshops, crafting a POC, creating a vibrant marketplace 

When? Q2  2017 until Q2 2019 

Outcome? A list of obstacles to overcome, a customer journey map, wireframes and a premature scale model of a marketplace, a vibrant marketplace where innovative companies and federal administrations can discover the market.

Cost? € 310,97

Sponsor? Cabinet of Ministry of Defense and civil service and Sandra Schillemans, head of DG Recruitment and Development, FPS Policy and Support